Boon Docks

Eagle Mountain Lake
Eagle Mountain Lake

Boon-Docks at Eagle Mountain Marina is the newest and hottest lakeside bar on Eagle Mountain Lake. Serving up margaritas, cold draft beer, and live Texas music on a floating marina dock, Boon-Docks is a great deal of fun. There is a rooftop patio that you can watch the sunset or boats meander by.

Additionally, Boon-Docks at Eagle Mountain Marina is accessible by boat. There are 22 courtesy boat slips for those boaters that want to stop by.

This is a great addition to Eagle Mountain Lake. More information to come soon.

Beers on Tap:

Bud Light
Miller Lite
Coors Light
Angry Orchard
Michelob Ultra
Alaskan White
Land Shark (TX Brew)
Grapevine Lakefire (TX Brew)
Saint Arnold Santos (TX Brew)
Dogfish Head 90

Located at:

6500 Wells Burnett Rd
Fort Worth, Texas 76135

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This site was created by people that love Eagle Mountain Lake and love the outdoors. We have found many new parks, trails, beaches, coves, and water ways through our exploration of the lake. This is a beautiful lake and we hope you use this site to help discover it.