Boon Docks

Eagle Mountain Lake
Eagle Mountain Lake

Boon-Docks at Eagle Mountain Marina is the newest and hottest lakeside bar on Eagle Mountain Lake. Serving up margaritas, cold draft beer, and live Texas music on a floating marina dock, Boon-Docks is a great deal of fun. There is a rooftop patio that you can watch the sunset or boats meander by.

Additionally, Boon-Docks at Eagle Mountain Marina is accessible by boat. There are 22 courtesy boat slips for those boaters that want to stop by.

This is a great addition to Eagle Mountain Lake. More information to come soon.

Beers on Tap:

Bud Light
Miller Lite
Coors Light
Angry Orchard
Michelob Ultra
Alaskan White
Land Shark (TX Brew)
Grapevine Lakefire (TX Brew)
Saint Arnold Santos (TX Brew)
Dogfish Head 90

Located at:

6500 Wells Burnett Rd
Fort Worth, Texas 76135